The Fiatinsieme Sax Quartet is a saxophone quartet which has been carrying out an intensive artistic program for many years, in both Italy- Europe. The musicians, after having had important experiences as not only soloist but also as part of a group, decided to create a quartet whose main objective was that of highlighting the potential of this group.

Since the group was formed in 1999, there have been 100's of concerts in Italy, France, Germany, and England. Through the years the group has hosted several artists during the concerts, which was a remarkable enrichment for the quartet. Thanks to the research, study of quite unusual repertoires for a group of saxophones.

The activity of playing in concerts and doing research has always been carried out along side teaching in the most important Italian Conservatoires in highly specialized music school as well as during several master classes. The repertoire ranges from music transcripts from the Barocco period to original music for a sax quartet based on most modern contemporary composers.

Particular attention is devoted to Latin American music and obviously to all Italian great composers. At present the musicians of Fiatinsieme Sax Quartet are working on a CD featuring compositions expressly created for them.